Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Charting the blogosphere

I am looking for some applications to monitor and analyze issues and trends discussed in blogs and provide a graphical representation (share of voice, trends over time, most popular topics etc…). So far I came across Blogpulse , which allow easy creation of trend graphs across 3.5 millions blogs and Waypath offering something similar although their application is down at the moment. Have you come across something similar?

On a totally unrelated subject and because I love travelling, World66 has a neat application allowing you to generate a map of all the countries you have visited.


Joël Céré said...

That's very interesting. Thanks a lot for pointing that out Matthew. And it includes blogpulse as well! The correlation between GDP, population and attention is an interesting premise though not too surprising. My gut feel at the moment is that there is more that these two components in the mix. All of the broadcasters or websites included in this study are American of European and they play to their domestic audience, who are their main customers. I think that the law of proximity is a key factor too.

Joël Céré said...

Blogpulse is a great tool. If you are looking into developing your charting/analysis offer, you may consider providing alternative views such as keywords share of voice (usual pie chart) or correlating keywords trends over time with a company share price.
Thanks for stopping by my blog anyway.