Monday, February 25, 2008

French President: "Casse toi alors pauvre con!"

Nicolas Sarkozy is known for his "franc-parler" (straight-talking). While visiting the "Salon de l'agriculture", a customary political exercise for all French presidents, he came across a passer-by who refused to shake his hand "not to be dirtied". Sarkosy's response "then piss-off you jerk!". Reactions have been divided: those who were shocked by his language, those who sympathized (after all, he has been trailing in cow dungs for a few hours fending the crowds) and those who think he could have used more dignified insults.


Inner Diablog said...

Can you provide some suggestions?

Anonymous said...

a book is coming on the 6 march
how to live with Cons :)
from the author of the best seller "travailler avec des cons"
a must read :)

Diana Chioreanu said...
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