Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Technology of tomorrow, soon available in London

Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia, Richard Branson, Virgin, Carly Fiorina, ex HP and Steve Wozniak, ex Apple will gather at the Royal Albert Hall on the 3oth of September to talk about how we consume, use and apply technology in our lives and in business.

The event's website hosts a few video interviews. I might attend. These are the topics I am interested to hear about:
  • What are the strategic challenges in delivering new products or services to market?
  • How does a CEO manage through technological change?
  • How does the right leadership strategy influence the fostering of innovation in your people?
  • What new technologies are likely to shape the consumer technology market, and how will social lifestyles evolve as a result of these technologies?
  • Are we expecting to see greater network bandwidth, if so, how will that affect feature rich application software?
  • What does mobile computing look like in the next 5 years from the PDA/Mobile to PC computing?
  • What does Web 3.0 look like in terms of using the cloud (internet) to do more computing?
  • How will social and business networking technologies evolve on the web?
  • What new web-based applications can we expect to see in the next 5 years?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up about the event, but just to let you know that the link doesn't work!



Joël Céré said...

Thanks for the note Ben. Link is fixed now.