Thursday, October 23, 2008

The end of Web 2.0?

Less money for start-ups, business models solely based on advertising under strains and heavy posturing from VCs to freak out entrepreneurs and extract more equity for less cash. Well summarised in Rob Hof's post "Is That the Sound of the Silicon Valley Web 2.0 Bubble Bursting?" and John C Abell's Wired article "The End of Web 2.0?"


Anonymous said...

In short, no. A quick flick back through history, to when Apple or Microsoft started. It was hardly the best of times then. The fact of the matter is that the next few years will see the founding of the next generation of 'survivors'. Companies started in hard times excel in good ones. Companies started in good times don't always make it through the hard ones. No isn't a bad time to start a company, and the web 2.0 space is on that doesn't need millions of dollars to get your idea into action.

Anonymous said...

Web2.0 isn't a boom it's an evolution of media. Funding will fall (which it shouldn't, it should increase, but that's for another time) and the inefficient agencies will fall through but web2.0 won't go away - it's altered too much for it to simply disappear.

The biggest thing we need to realise is that web2.0 isn't blogging, or twitter but the rise of community and the empowerment of the individual within that community.