Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Lunatic bloggers can keep the blogosphere"

Guardian article about Ryanair v. Jason Roe, a freelance developer/blogger. I don't condone the tone of Ryanair's response but the short of it is that Ryanair can get away with that. Most of those commenting and swearing they will never fly Ryanair will quickly change their mind when asked to pay £100 more for the same journey with another airline. If they don't mind paying more, they are not Ryanair's customer target anyway.

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Anonymous said...

The music industry rides along with the formula music that is en vogue at any given moment and tells us who the stars are, which are rising and those fallen or about to fall.
And, we trail along, happily bleating our way through life, way to preoccupied with trying to struggle through another day, self medicated, half sedated, lacking the will or having the stamina to form rational, independent thought.