Sunday, September 13, 2009

Top 10 bizarre wine names

This was sent to me by my friend El Blogador. In order of bizarreness?
  • Fat Bastard (I tried the Shiraz. Quite good and affordable)
  • Bitch
  • Le Vin de Merde ("the shitty wine" in French...)
  • Oops
  • Arrogant Frog
  • Elephant on a tightrope
  • Frog's piss
  • Cleavage Creek
  • Mad Housewife
  • Blasted Church (this is probably banned in the US. See my next post).
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Garry said...

Well I must say the names are to be understood only after tasting the particular wine first!
I find them as unique as a work of art.How would you call a bitch,without calling it a bitch! Taste it and find out the way it plays with your composure :)
I am fond of wines (though I have not tasted of the ones listed here) but I must say here that each wine has a legend behind its name.Needless for me to say regarding the wine named on the frog :)

Alex said...

Not sure I fancy the Frog's Piss to be honest!