Sunday, December 05, 2004

Lycos Europe: stay tuned

Lycos Europe "make love not spam" has been rather shortlived (a quicky?).

Apparently, the chorus of negative comments from the industry and the threat of litigation brought the iniative to an halt.

Another speculation, from a security company is that one of the website on Lycos' blacklist redirected traffic to . Lycos Europe could have unintentionally affected its own website...

Spammers may have won the battle but could Lycos have won a PR war to position itself as THE consumer champion?


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Anonymous said...

Clearly not, given the latest news that hackers have re-released a modified version of the screensaver containing a password and credit-card stealing trojan.

Lycos should probably be sacking whichever agency advised them to do this. How anyone can even think of them as a winner or consumer champion in this beggars belief.