Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Media consumption: surfing web officially overtakes watching TV

Brits spend 164 minutes online each day, equal to more than 41 days per year, compared to 148 minutes or 37 days for TV viewers. Government statistics shows that 64% of adults regularly go online. See article on Google survey from BBC.

I am going to ask one of my all time favourite question again: why is online media not getting a fair share of media budget compared to TV or newspapers? When will marketers get it? I ranted about this a while ago following an unofficial survey I gathered from Millward-Brown, one of our sister agency. There are no rational reasons.


Anonymous said...

The rational is behind the maturity of the market, as marketing online still hasn't matured and people aren't sure exactly how to market online. Pop ups, surveys, ads in the middle of pages, does it work? How well?

Where as marketing on TV or even radio is much more mature and much easier to define. When someone gets online marketing right then I'm sure you'll see the marketing spend online increase.

David Phillips said...

As you may know, I have my doubts about marketing too.

It is predicated on a concept that organisations are the 'nexus of contracts' (Coase) when in fact organisations are the 'nexus of relationships'.

These relationships can be mediated across a couple of dozen channels for communication of which the majority are online/mobile.

Whereas the the media used to have an emotional hold over people, it takes a jump of imagination to see that a cellphone or laptop now has the emotional high ground.

For marketing this idea is tough for multi-touch PR it is easy (the death knell for Press Relations though).