Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Who needs RSS when web users 'only visit six websites'?

According to a research published by Diretgov, half of UK internet users regularly visit just 6 websites on average. 95% also say that they go online with a specific destination in mind (what happened to "web surfing"?).

Steve Rubel thinks that this could explain why RSS hasn't taken off yet. I agree, most people don't need to keep a watch on dozens of websites or blogs, so see little use for an aggregator or feed system. The fact that RSS feeds are not user-friendly enough for the average web users doesn't help either. This could confine RSS to innovators or professional usage for a while.

Via Steve Rubel


David Phillips said...

Well... do you believe the survey?

Or is this a bit of a (well... PR?) survey.

I do not know of anybody who only looks at a few web sites.

If you ask the wrong questions.....

Anonymous said...

RSS is going to get promotional help from the new version of Internet Explorer coming out later this year. RSS and ATOM feeds now look pretty. Posts can be searched and sorted, and feeds can be subscribed to. The ATOM or RSS subscription icon is displayed prominently, right next to the 'home' icon.

The 'pretty' RSS feeds have a big newbie-centric message: 'You are viewing a feed that contains frequently updated content. When you subscribe to a feed, it added to the Common Feed List. Updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to your computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programs. Learn more about feeds (link). Subscribe to this feed (link).