Friday, June 30, 2006

5 reasons why social networks fail, succeed

Tristan Louis gives us 5 reasons why social networks fail and 5 reasons why social networks can succeed.

I would add that social networks can fail or succeed depending on whether they attract the right type of crowd at the first place, then balance members quality and quantity. Example: if you and your friends joined a social network, only to find out that the coolest kids in your class are on another one, will you switch? Most likely because cool people will attract more cool people. This networking effect is behind the success of Linkedin, who has many members at VP level and above. So if I were to look for a job, would I go to the place where VPs hang out or just any social network as long as it has loads of functionality?

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Anonymous said...

Good expansion on the Tristan Louis posting!

You can't build a strong building with bad bricks. And likewise it would seem, you can't build a strong social network without the "right type" however you might define it.

Helpful observation - thanks for expanding on the conversation.