Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Add social bar on

VideoWrap has written a nice piece of code to insert into your template to allow your readers to automatically bookmark to Digg,, ReddIt, Slashdot, Furl, Newsvine and Yahoo. I am trying it on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Here's another nice way of doing it - clean and simple...

Just dump the code into your blogger template, below the /div close (so kinda just above the Comments: word)... Works like a charm because it uses Blogger variables for the page name etc so no hacks required... Remember to make sure it's all on 1 line.

Check out how it works on these two blogs (tried to post the html here, but didn't work... so... visit the blog, view source, search for 'digg' and you'll find the line):

All Scrubbed Up
Cowboys & Engines