Saturday, April 07, 2007

Immigration: The human cost

Immigration: The Human Cost

The Onion News Network has set the standard for globe-encompassing 24-hour television news since it was founded in December, 1892. The network boasts channels in 171 languages and can be viewed in 4.2 billion households in 811 countries.


Anonymous said...

I regularly comment on immigration on IO. Immigration Orange has been named one of the top ten sources on immigration and I was wondering if you would consider a link exchange with my blog.

Anonymous said...

The worrying thing about that video is that it's getting closer to reality by the day.

Already we see outsourcing of 100k IT jobs to India for maybe 1k.

Joël Céré said...

Guys, the Onion video is hilarious because it makes fun of people who are hysterical about immigrant workers while taking a swipe at the class divide... It looks like some of you didn't get the irony here.

This is a blog about online PR and social media, not a forum to talk about the “danger” of immigration or political correctness. I deleted and will delete any comments with links to opiniated and unsavoury websites. In case you wonder, I am making the judgement call as to what is opiniated and unsavoury.

Why? Because it’s my blog.

Anonymous said...

T'as raison Joel, c'est ton blog !