Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Martell Cognac Blog: Conversation NOT Flowing!

Today, I read in New Media Age (the paper version) that Pernod Ricard is sponsoring a "blog" on Guardian Unlimited. In that instance, blog is more of a concept. It's just a website with an online competition, tips on serving cognac and two supposedly controversial articles: "xmas shopping, online or high streets?" and "Modern art: love it or loathe it?". Should you care, you are invited to give your opinion. The blog is called "let the conversation flow" but there is no flow in the conversation since you have to email your entries, for them to be selected and posted on the site (there is no conversation either as no one responds to your opinions). A complete let-down for what could have been a great blogging/advertising combination.


Enrico Bianchessi said...

Joel, very frankly,it's not a blog. I think there is some confusion around about the use of blogs in marketing campaigns, and I also suspect that marketing people like to call any mini-site a "blog" just because is trendy. Personally I think that a blog has (as you perfectly underline) a converstional nature, and a mini-site is just a site, and the presence of an email address does not make the thing "conversational". Furthermore: I believe that a blog has a "personal" profile, and should be run by real persons, a single person or a team, but what I see in this case is really online advertising "covered" with blog appearance and some product content.

Anonymous said...

Who says it is a blog, apart from New Media Age?

I don't see either Martell or The Guardian claiming it to be a blog, so let's not diss the brand on the basis of what a reporter has written.

Joël Céré said...

I got the point Niall... twice now. New Media Age called it a blog when it is not. The Guardian doesn't mention that it is a blog on the site. I am not "dissing" the brand but whoever missed up this great opportunity to "let the conversation flow".