Monday, March 12, 2007

Do you find online consumer reviews useful?

How much do you use online consumer reviews? Do you find them useful? Tell us all in a short survey, help a final year MBA student complete his report, do a good deed and win a $20 Amazon gift certificate. All for 10 minutes of your time only!

Click on the link or paste it in your browser:

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Done! Happy to help.

Eventually, could I have a copy of the results of the survey?

It would definitely help me out in an online application I am working in.



Unknown said...

Sure. I will stop the survey in 2 weeks and results interpretations should be done by beginning of April to the latest. I'll send you a copy. If I don't, please remind me!


pleasedconsumer said...

Hi Joel,

I am done with the survey. Would you be so kind to share the results of your survey with me as well.

You can check out my consumer reviews site right here:
Consumer Reviews


Anonymous said...

Hi Joel,

Here are some other interesting sites for your review
Consumer Blog 
Reviews By Company
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Corporate Insider Reviews 
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Customer Satisfaction Story 
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