Sunday, March 25, 2007

Europeana: Google Books Competitor And Another Unimaginative Name For a European Project

Europeana: Only in French at the moment though one can search for books in other languages (including English). I haven't spent much time on it but I already struggled to get multiple filters at once in my search criteria. I can search for books in English or books written in the 2oth century but not for both at once... I assume that you can do it and that I am not fully awake yet on this Sunday morning to use the interface properly. So far Europeana has 12,000 public domain texts. Worth using as a complement to Google Books.

On my list of things that annoys me is why everything funded by the European Union as to have "Euro" something in the name? My take: it is the lowest common denominator that everyone can agree on so we will be stuck with dull names and creative decisions run by committees for the next 50 years.

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