Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Food branded McDonald's just taste better. Ask the kids.

Fascinating study from Stanford and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation showing the power of advertising. 63 children age 3 to 5 get to taste burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, juices and carrots bought from Mc Donalds. Some are presented in their original packaging, some in non branded packs. The results:
  • "almost 77 percent said the labeled fries tasted best while only 13 percent preferred the others".
  • "54% percent preferred McDonald's-wrapped carrots versus 23 percent who liked the plain-wrapped sample".
  • "29 kids chose McDonald's-wrapped burgers and 22 chose the unmarked ones" (not clear cut).
  • "Fewer than one-fourth of the children said both samples of all foods tasted the same".
As a marketer, this is a great study to argue about why companies should invest in building brands. As a human being and citizen, this pavlovian conditioning is so sad and terrifying that I am now considering raising my children in Bhutan.

Article on CNN

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