Monday, August 13, 2007

Wired: Advertisers waste millions in Second Life

Wired has an article on how corporations jumped in Second Life without really understanding what they were getting into. The end result: millions of dollars spent on virtual headquarters or "brand experience"than no one visits and plenty of marketers with nothing to show for their money but for learning how to create an avatar and stroll around. I came to a similar conclusion earlier this year: unless brands provide something of real value to SL users (which is NOT glorified advertising), why should they bother?


HoratioNelson said...

It will not be about being in Second Life or any other virtual world, it will be about integrating real worlds and virtual ones and creating a new customer experience. Let's not forget that Second Life and many other just offer a glimpse of what might be soon. These are just baby steps... Check out my bullet on Eolus 1 here:

Unknown said...

joel, fyi: