Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where do chinese people eat out in london?

Great post on Dim Sum (read the comments too). My regular haunts are:

- Young Cheng (Shaftsbury avenue) for quick lunch
- China China in Chinatown for mixed meat takeaways when I feel lazy and skint
- Royal China (Bayswater or Baker Street branch)
- Four Seasons in Bayswater for duck noodles
- The Hare & Tortoise on High Street Kensington for their soft shell crabs
- Pearl Liang (hidden gem in Paddington for posher meals - lobster noodles is recommended)
- Kiasu on Bayswater for authentic Singaporean fares

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Aryaduta said...

Bonjour, mon ami!

A rule of thumb that I always follow when trying to find the best Chinese restaurant is to go where the Chinese eat themselves! If the restaurant is lacking in Chinese guests, then I'll move on to another.

It's fantastic running into another blogger who has a strong interest in Singapore. I lived in Singapore for six years, and I laughed when I saw that one of the restaurants in your list has the word "kiasu" in its name. Singaporeans are known for their "kiasuness," and it's interesting to see that the term has gone overseas.

I enjoy reading your blog, and I look forward to reviewing future postings. Have a good week!