Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The 20 Worst Venture Capital Investments of All Time

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  1. Amp'd Mobile
  2. Procket
  3. Webvan
  4. Caspian Networks
  6. Optiva
  8. CueCat
  9. DeNovis Inc
  10. PointCast Inc
  11. eToys
  12. AllAdvantage
  13. FastForward
  14. Xoma
  16. Vanguarde Media Inc
  18. Bolt Media Inc
  19. DigiScents

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Inner Diablog said...

I had a colleague who had invested in Webvan and decided one day to improve their chances of success in the UK by emailing the whole company and suggesting that they buy a CD or two from them. Many did, and for the rest of the afternoon we were entertained by the constant to-ing and fro-ing of the multiple couriers that Webvan sent with our orders. So, thanks to their inability to place all of our orders on one bike, my chum's ruse had directly the opposite effect of the one intended!