Thursday, November 22, 2007

Innocent advertising on Facebook

Here we are, the beginning of the Myspace-ization of Facebook:

Whenever you befriend an innocent fruit juice, be it honeyed mango or crushed strawberry, your Facebook "friends" will be automatically notified:
Note that Facebook added two icons on the right of each mini-feed story. Whenever you are privy to such privileged information, click on the little cross. That should stop the pain, at least temporarily.

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Inner Diablog said...

Leaving aside the fact that social ads have the potential to become the most annoying form of messaging known to mankind, Innocent itself is a classic example of one of those brands that start off in blaze of authenticity and oh-so differentness and then fall into the hands of cocky copywriters in Soho and rapidly deteriorate into pretentious, patronising vomitousness. (see also Leon, Ben & Jerry's, Gateway Computers...)