Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year (while it lasts)

According to Wikipedia, 2006 will be:

- The International Year of Deserts,
- The Rembrandt Year,
- The Mozart Year,
- The Tesla Year,
- The International Asperger's Year,
- The year of the dog in Chinese Astrology.

Many psychics, pundits and forecasters predict that 2006 will also be:

- The year when action movie hero Arnold is re-elected as governor of California and military draft is re-established in the United States (no connection here I hope),
- The year when phone calls will be free (a one in three chance that is happens),
- The year when a 9-mile-long asteroid will strike the earth (after the world cup, fortunately)

See USA Today.

I cannot wait, especially for the asteroid part. I already missed the beginning of the world, I wouldn't want to miss the end.

Happy New Year by the way :-)

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