Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Seat guru: Is the future of flying experience pricing?

As mentioned in my last post, Valla Vakili from Yahoo! presented at our internal workshop on folksonomy. One website I found noteworthy was seatguru.

Thanks to the web, we can now compare prices easily and quickly before any purchase (think kelkoo) so consumers can find out whether they are being ripped-off or not. This took a lot of power out of travel agents and airlines who could charge pretty much what they wanted before and gave consumers the upper-hand in negotiation.

Seatguru doesn't compare prices but passengers' experiences flying in different aircrafts, from different airlines. I found out that if I flight Lufthansa on an A333, seats 45 A, B,H and K don't recline as much as other seats and get all the traffic from the gallery.

Now that I am armed with that knowledge, can I negotiate a better seat or a cheaper price since my flying experience won't be as pleasant as others?

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This sounds so wonderful.