Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Trust MEdia: Edelman and Intelliseek categorise bloggers

Edelman and Intelliseek released a white paper on the impact of blogs.

Titled: “Trust MEdia: How Real People Are Finally Being Heard” , the paper is available in PDF for download from Intelliseek (you must register first) or from Edelman.

One of the highlight is a catalog of popular blogs organised by categories. The classification methodology is described but I would be curious to see the difference in popularity between bloggers within a same category. For example, if you use number of links as a criteria for "popularity" and check out some blogs using technorati, then rank them, you will find huge gaps in the number of links between them.

In consumer tech, Engadget has 10,534 links and is most linked blog. Using this technique, I found that the 3rd most popular is Doc Searls with 5,240 links (half the links within 3 ranks only). PDC bloggers would be the 7th most popular but has 170 links only. What a drop! It goes downhill from there.

I am curious to see whether this is a pattern across all categories where you will only have 3 to 4 star bloggers with loads of links then a huge drop in number of links for the others.

Overall, I must say that the report is a good read and provides compelling arguments for marketers to warm up to blogs.

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