Wednesday, June 22, 2005

BBC Newsnight starts Gleneagles G8 Blog

Newsnight, the thinking man news program just announced tonight that they are commissionning Paul Mason to blog the G8 summit. The blog is available at

That one goes straight to my blogroll. Way to go!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Joel - I was interested in your survey results on journalists and blogs. I don't generally read them for news but I do "trust" them as demographic cyphers for what people are interested in and what their attitudes are. On my desktop I have a DOS-style program called ENPS that tells me everything that is going on in the world minute by minute. Everything known from "hippisme" to earthquakes in China. So one of the reasons journos read blogs I think is because too much exposure to relentless vanilla "facts" can kill your brain. Speculative reality can sometimes be more useful. Now Google is another matter: everything on Google is true!

Joël Céré said...

Hello Paul,
Thank you for passing by. Great comment about the vanilla facts. I wonder if blogs could be a catalyst to spur a new wave of more investigative, questionning (rebellious?)journalism.

If everything in Google is true, could Google be God? Some think it comes quite close:

Joël Céré said...
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