Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Journalists read blogs, don't trust blogs, corporations and each other...

According to a survey by Euro RSCG Magnet and Columbia University:
  • 51% of journalists use blogs regularly and 28% read them daily (compared to 11% of the US population reading blogs),
  • 70% of journalists read blogs for their job, mostly for story ideas or researching,
  • 33% read blogs to uncover scandals or breaking news.

The survey points to a trust crisis among journalists and between journalists and corporations:

  • 49% of journalists have lost trust in corporations over the last year,
  • 76% said that corporate candidness is poor in time of crisis and 66% said the same about transparency,
  • 45% are less trusting of their colleagues' professsional behaviours,
  • 93% are less trusting of colleagues who are paid to act as spokespeople.
And the beauty of all of that: only 1% of journalists believe blogs are credible... (So why do they read them, use them for their work and all that... duh!)

The survey is not publicly available yet but Yahoo carries the press release.

Thanks to Anton-Jan who pointed me to this study.

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